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Chhavi Sharma successfully defends her PhD thesis

Scholar: Chhavi Sharma

Title: Efficient Algorithms for Decentralized Optimization in Machine Learning

Supervisors: Prof. V. Narayanan and Prof. P. Balamurugan(Co-Supervisor) IEOR, IIT Bombay

Date and Day: Monday, January 22, 2024

Venue: IEOR Conference Room (Hybrid Mode)

Board Of Examiners:

1) Prof. Yogendra Shastri, Chemical Engineering Department,IIT Bombay (Chairperson)

2) Prof. Rahul Vaze, Associate Professor, TIFR(External Examiner)

 3) Prof. Manjesh K. Hanawal,IEOR, IIT Bombay (Internal Examiner)


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