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Prof. Urban Larsson and his research group visited IIT Gandhinagar

Prof. Urban Larsson and his research group, consisting of Prem Kant, Ankita Dargad, and Anjali Bhagat, were invited to give their talks at the Centre of Creative Learning in collaboration with the Computer Science & Engineering Department, IIT Gandhinagar. Prof. Larsson gave his talk titled “The Fundamental Theorem of normal play.” 

Abstract: In the 1970s, John Coway defined game comparison via the rule G>=H if Left wins G-H playing second. He understood that normal play games is a group structure. Game addition lies at the heart of combinatorial games. Nowadays, we rather define this inequality by G>= H if, for all games X, o(G+X) >= o(H+X). We call Conway's discovery that the notions are equivalent to the "fundamental theorem of normal play." We explain some of the relevance of this result and, as an illustration, compute game values of some classical ruleset (such as Hackenbush, Domineering, Toppling Dominoes, Toads and Frogs, and more) positions.

 Prem Kant, a fifth-year PhD student at the IEOR department, gave his talk titled “Survey on Bidding Combinatorial Games.” 

Ankita Dargad, a third-year PhD student in the Mathematics department, gave her talk titled “Temperature Theory in Combinatorial Game Theory.”

 Anjali Bhagat, a first-year PhD student at the IEOR department, gave their talk titled “Introduction to Numbers and Infinitesimals in Combinatorial Game Theory.” 

The visit lasted three days, from 19th April to 21st April 2024, where they spent time in the Centre of Creative Learning Lab at IIT Gandhinagar, exploring collaboration opportunities.


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