Anirban Ghatak

This is a CV, it may look boring to you. In such a case, you can always navigate here and read some nice articles about the omnipotence of Game Theory. Happy gaming..! :-) 


  • Visiting Scientist, ISI Kolkata
  • PhD in Evolutionary Game Theory from Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, IIT Bombay
  • M.Tech in Industrial Engineering from NIT Trichy, Tamilnadu, India
  • B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Subjects of interest

  • Game Theory (Find fantastic lecture notes HERE)
  • Evolutionary Games 
  • Optimization
  • Linear Systems

Subjects of interest (Extra Curricular)

Publications (Journal & Conference):

  1. A. Ghatak, K. S. M. Rao and A. J. Shaiju (2012) 'Evolutionary Stability against Multiple Mutations', Dynamic Games And Applications, December 2012, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 376-384 (Link)(Preprint PDF)
  2. Ghatak, A., Iyengar, S., June 2014, ‘Corruption Breeds Corruption’, Studies in Microeconomics vol.2: pp.121-132
  3. Ghatak, A., Mukherjee, D., 'A Behavioral and Spatial Game Theoretic Analysis of Conflict and Identity', Submitted to Mathematical Social Sciences
  4. Dhanalakshmi, R., Parthiban, P. and Ghatak, A. (2010) ‘A heuristic to generate input sequence for simulated annealing to solve VRP’, Int. J. Enterprise Network Management, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp.26–38. (PDF)


  1. "Bribery Games: Does differential treatment help?" International Conference on Optimization, Computing and Business Analytics, Kolkata, 20-22 Dec 2012 (PDF
  2. "Spatial Games and Evolutionary Stability against Multiple Mutations" A. Ghatak, K.S.M. Rao, Fifteenth International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, Bysice, Czech Republic, 19-22 July 2012
  3. "Bribery - A Game Theoretic Approach", A. Ghatak, GTORA 2012, ISI Chennai, 3-5 January 2012
  4. A review of evolutionary algorithms for multi product multi objective multi modal distribution system with a possible new approach” A.Ghatak, P.Parthiban. Presented at International Conference on Operations Research Applications in Engineering and Management, Tiruchirappali, 27th-29th May, 2009



Teaching Assistant:


  • Engineering Statistics - July 2009- Dec 2009 
  • Markov Decision Process - Jan 2010- June 2010 
  • IE & OR Computational Lab - July 2010- Dec 2010 
  • Decision Analysis and Game Theory - Jan 2011- June 2011 
  • Introduction to Stochastic Models - July 2011- Dec 2011 
  • Decision Analysis and Game Theory - Jan 2012- June 2012
  • Computer Programming and Algorithms - July 2012- Dec 2012
  • Decision Analysis and Game Theory - Jan 2013- June 2013


Visiting Scholar:


  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Ropar - April 2013-May 2013

Workshops Attended:



  1. Lectures in Probability and Stochastic Processes - ISI Kolkata - Dec 2011 & ISI Delhi - Dec 2012
  2. Summer School on Game Theory and Models of Voting - Campione D'Italia - Sept 2012
  3. JTG Summer School on Signal Processing, Telecommunication, and Networking - IIT Bombay - May 2012


Talks Delivered

  1. "A Behavioral and Spatial Game Theoretic Analysis of Conflict and Identity", ISI Kolkata, August 2014
  2. "Evolution, Cooperation and Us" - Institute Lecture, IIT Ropar, May 2013
  3. "Irrationality in Research" - Talk for PhD students in IIT Ropar, April 2013 (Click here to see it)

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