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Jayendran: Teaching

Courses Teaching Currently (Jul-Nov 2022)

  • IE 604: System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis
  • IE714: Quantitative Models in Supply Chain Management (Co-taught with Prof. Omkar Desai, and Prof. K.S.Mallikarjuna Rao)

Online Content

Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling, 8 week NPTEL / Swayam course offered in 2020 and 2021. It covers various topics including Systems Thinking, Causal Loop Diagram, Stock Flow Diagram, Dynamics of simple structures, S-shaped growth, Delays, Table funtions, Model Testing, Stock Management Structure and Example cases. The videos are freely accessible.

Operations Analysis (YouTube playlist) Topics include: Introduction to Operations Management, Break Even Analysis, Forecasting, Inventory Control, Production Planning and ERP, Little's Law, Factory Dynamics, Scheduling, and Project Scheduling.  Note: I had recorded these videos in 2020 for IE503 course (thanks to online teaching). You may also find recordings of live interactions from back then.

Discrete Event Simulation (YouTube playlist) Topics include Random Number Generation, Generate Random Variates, Input Data Analysis, Fundamentals of DES, Output Analysis. Note: These videos are from recordings done in 2009.

Anylogic tutorials (YouTube playlist) Topics inlude building simple models, animation, statisitcs visualisation, etc.  Note: These videos are for an earlier verison of Anylogic software.

Also, I had recorded some of my past courses that I had taught. You can access these videos by logging in using CDEEP portal.  Courses available are :

  • Discrete Event System Simulation (recorded in 2009)
  • Probabilistic Models (recorded in 2013)
  • System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis (recorded in 2019)

CEP Courses

  • Simulation Modeling and Analysis module, ~30 hours, part of a 4 month CEP program on "Naval Operations Research" conducted for Naval Officers by IEOR, IIT Bombay (In 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022).
  • Introduction to Python Programming module, ~10 hours offered as part of a 4 month CEP program on "Naval Operations Research" conducted for Naval Officers, by IEOR, IIT Bombay (In 2020, 2021 and 2022).  
  • Solar PV Cook Stove Technology Knowhow Transfer and Licensing (Sept 2018): A 1 day open course conducted at IIT Bombay.
  • Optimisation Models Technique and Applications (Feb 2017): A 2-day inhouse program for John Deere Technology Center, Pune.  Conducted jointly with Prof. Ashutosh Mahajan
  • Discrete Event System Simulation (Feb 2008). A 3-day inhouse program for Delmia Software Solutions, Bangalore. Conducted jointly with Prof. N. Hemachandra.
  • Apart from the above, all my PG courses in IITB were open to outsiders in CEP mode. Occasional students have registered and completed the courses. Interested people should contact CEP office of IIT Bombay. 

Courses taught in the past at IITB



  • I had the opportunity to teach at The University of Arizona, during my doctoral studies.  
  • I was the sole Instructor for 'Facilities Planning', a senior level elective course, in Fall 2003.  I designed the syllabus, planned & prepared my lectures, assignments and exams.  It was my very first full-fleged teaching experience which made me realise how much I liked doing it.