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Akash Saha

Research Scholar                                                              

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Prof. P. Balamurugan

Research Area

Learning with Functional Data via Operator-valued Kernel Methods, Deep Neural Network Models: Theory, Techniques and Algorithms


Akash Saha and P. Balamurugan,  Learning Sparse Graphs for Functional Regression using Graph-induced Operator-valued Kernels, Transactions on Machine Learning Research (TMLR), 2024.

Akash Saha and P. Balamurugan,  Learning with Operator-valued Kernels in Reproducing Kernel Krein Spaces, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), vol. 33, 2020. (Accepted for Oral Presentation with acceptance rate: 1.1% (105/9454))

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. (2018- present) Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • M.Sc in Industrial Mathematics (2012-2014) IIT Roorkee, Roorkee
  • B.Sc (Hons.) in Mathematics (2009-2012) Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Workshop/Summer School

  • Attended Research Week with Google 2023 organized by Google Research India in Bengaluru from January 29 -31, 2023.
  • Attended LinkedIn-MSR-IISc Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency and Ethics in Machine Learning (FATE-ML) 2020 at IISc, Bengaluru.
  • Participated in Statistical Physics of Machine Learning 2020 held in ICTS Bangalore,
  • Attended Indo-French Center for Applied Mathematics (IFCAM) Summer School Workshop on "Mathematics for Data Science" at IISc, Bengaluru from July 15-27, 2019.

Teaching Assistantship

AIML with Python - CEP Batch 3, August 2021 to January 2022 (Certificate Programme offered by IITB for industry professionals).

IE 643 - Deep Learning: Theory and Practice, July 2020 to December 2020 with Prof. P. Balamurugan.

IE 663 - Advanced Topics in Deep Learning, January 2020 to May 2020 with Prof. P. Balamurugan.

IE 643 - Deep Learning: Theory and Practice, July 2019 to December 2019 with Prof. P. Balamurugan.

IE 614 - Linear Systems, January 2019 to May 2019 with Prof. P. Balamurugan.

IE 503 - Operations Analysis, July 2018 to December 2018 with Prof. N. Rangaraj.

Courses (C-Credit, A-Audit, NC-Non Credit)

Autumn 2019: Foundations of Machine Learning (A)

Spring 2018: Integer Programming: Theory and Computations (A)

Autumn 2018: Optimization Techniques (C), Introduction to Stochastic Models (C), Deep Learning: Theory and Practice (C), Seminar (C)

Spring 2017: Decision Analysis and Game Theory (C), Industrial Scheduling (C), IEOR for Health Care (C), OR Applications in Infrastructural and Service Sectors (C), Communication Skills-I (NC), Communication Skills-II (NC)


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