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Logistics and SCM

Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Faculty associate in this area is Prof Ashutosh Mahajan.

Recent work in manufacturing was with Indofil Industries (with Ashutosh Mahajan, Ashwin Murali and Vishwas Shah), and JSW (with Siddharth SenGupta and Ashutosh Mahajan).

Current work in logistics applications was mainly with doctoral student Tejas Ghorpade, who worked on several problems to do with deployment of assets on networks (containers, railway rakes, electric vehicles), which involves applications of mathematical programming, network models and simulation.  A workshop was organized together with NEC Labs India in the area of international container logistics.

A recently completed project (January 2020) is in the area of inventory management (safety stock levels and demand forecasting) for a very large number of products in the after sales market for an automobile manufacturer.  Master's student Tarun Raj A. worked on this project, which was faciliated by Tilak Raj Singh.

A book in the area of Supply Chain Management was published in 2008, co-authored with G.Raghuram and M.M.Srinivasan. 

Earlier work was in variety management of automobile and other complex products, with doctoral student Tilak Raj Singh.  This was in the area of configuration management, which combined rule specification through intelligent constraint modeling and then optimization using column generation techniques for selecting one or more configurations of interest for various purposes.

Much earlier work was in the areas of

  • Applications of O.R. to manufacturing and distribution systems with Rahul Pandey (IGSA Labs).
  • Inventory management policies in multi-stage systems (including some studies in reverse logistics and perishable inventory systems)
  • Logistics operations and pricing strategies on network wide operations (with applications to container and other modes of freight movement)
  • Diagnostic studies and performance measurement of supply chains
  • Contracts in logistics and supply chain management