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IEOR welcomes Prof. Sriram Sankaranarayanan

IEOR is pleased to inform that Prof. Sriram Sankaranarayanan from IIM Ahmedabad is visiting from April 10th, 2023 to April 21st 2023.  Prof. Sankaranarayanan is an Assistant Professor at IIM Ahmedabad in the area of Production and Quantitative Methods. His research interest lies in solving game-theoretic and optimisation problems that include integer variables. In particular, he has worked on mixed-integer linear programming, complementarity problems and mixed-integer bilevel programming. Apart from proving structural results and developing algorithms to solve these problems, he is also interested in using these methods for real-life problems which are of social interest. He has worked on using tools from optimisation to analyse energy-market policies, with a particular interest in combating climate change.

During his visit, Prof. Sankaranarayanan can be contacted in Room 001 (on the ground floor, IEOR). 

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