Anuj Birani

IIT Bombay, M.Tech (R.A.)

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 2021-24

email: aanujbirani55[AT], 213199001[AT]

Academic Background: B.E., Electronics & Computer Engineering
                                           M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur, 2016-20

Seminar Topic: AI Driven Decision Making in Crop Selection

Position of Responsibility: PR Coordinator, PG Culturals, 2021-22; Student Mentor, Abhyuday 2021-22

Courses Completed:

CS 725 Foundations of Machine Learning
IE 503 Operations Analysis
IE 507 Modeling & Computation Lab
IE 605 Engineering Statistics
IE 609  Mathematical Optimisation Techniques
IE 621 Probability and Stochastic Processes I
CS 772 Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
IE 630 Simulation Modeling and Analysis
IE 684 IEOR Lab
IE 710 O.R. Applications in Infrastructural & Service Sectors