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Yannick Antonio Furtado

Yannick's personal imageM.Sc-PhD, 2021-23

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, IIT Bombay


Academic Background:

B.Sc Mathematics, St Xavier's College, Mumbai 2018-21

Professional Experience and Internship:

  • Accenture AI: Data Analyst Intern, May'22-July'22


  • Inhomogeneous CTMC Model of a Call Center with Balking and Abandonment
  • Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Markovian Feedback Multi-Server Queueing Model with Vacation and Impatience

under the guidance of Prof. Veeraruna Kavitha


MSc Project 1: Minority Games , under the guidance of Prof. Veeraruna Kavitha

Academic Interests:

Probability Models (Applications), Game Theory, Convex Optimization

Non-academic Interests:

Reading Novels, Watching Sports, Sitcoms, Learning new languages, Coding